Boarding Options

We have multiple boarding options to suit your pets needs.

Our Cottages are a cute and cozy space for our small dogs boarding and we are excited to show off our newly updated spaces. The cottages range in size from 2ft x 4ft to 3ft x 3ft.

Building A houses our Indoor/Outdoor runs for medium sized dog boarding or multiple small dog boarding. Offering 3’x5′ inside space with a 5’x8′ outdoor patio. Our indoor/outdoor runs are also perfect for any dogs who don’t do well with others (dogs or people) and offer self contained boarding if needed.

Building B houses our large runs, perfect for giant breeds or giant families. Our 5’x8′ runs offer space for multiple dogs to comfortably stay and our large yard gives plenty of room for them to run and play.

We are excited to share the work on a walking trail on our 2 acre property as another option for exercise for our doggy guests.

We also offer Cat boarding! Our Cat Condos offer space away from our dogs guests for felines to play and cuddle or to hide and feel safe.

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